Monday Misc

A very busy Monday. Some troubleshooting, and analyzing of technical problems, and contacting the responsible colleagues to fix them only to find that all the problems were occurring in obsolete content that could be deleted. What a waste of time! Why can’t people keep their stuff up-to-date, bright and shiny? I had other things to do, that didn’t get done because I had to waste time on stupid problems.

Then there was a good call about another content project, where I’m collaborating with a person on my team and with some other colleagues. That project is going well. It’s got momentum, we’re getting ahead, and we’ll be presenting the result (as a work in progress) to some external stakeholders on Thursday in the hope of getting some useful feedback. That should be fun, but I’ve got to do a number of updates until then and not much time.

Had some other regular meeting which just went as usual, that is, boring.

At night, after work, I took Curious Dog to a late session of our dog school. I didn’t initially feel like it, because my cold got worse during the day, but w did have a lovely time. We did dog crossing. It’s basically dog/human games that are supposed to engage both mind and body, and is also supposed to enhance the human/dog relationship. There were various game stations where CD and I both had to do something. We were two dog/Human teams — one team had to wait and watch the other (also supposed to teach patience and self-control — some dogs were super calm, but CD was totally excited). The other dog was a cute mini dog, not sure what kind, and the human was an older woman. We got along well (both of us not overly ambitious).

One station was a large circle with about 9 empty bowls around the circumference and a mat in the middle. This is what we had to do:

  • Both go into the middle, where CD had to sit on the mat.
  • I had to take CD outside the circle (on or off leash, but if I’d let him off leash, he’d have run to the other game stations and bothered the other teams).
  • We had to jog around the outside of the circle, with me dropping dog treats into the bowls, which CD wasn’t allowed to gobble up.
  • We then had to go back into the circle and CD had to sit on the mat again.
  • I had to go outside the circle and call CD to me (without him scarfing up the treats in the bowls).
  • Repeat (we had two minutes to get as many repetitions as we could, I think we managed two, or two and a half).

This one was one of CD’s and my better stations. CD was good when he concentrated, but he kept wanting to play with the other dogs and was mostly totally distracted. Part of the point of the exercise is, of course, for us to learn to ignore the distractions. It was great fun, but CD and I sure have room for improvement. It’s a pity that we can only do this once a month during my home office week. I think I’ll try to practice some of these games at home in our garden when we’ve got the fence up. But the distraction of the other dog/human teams will be missing. Better than nothing though, and we’ll enjoy it. Luckily, special equipment is not needed.

We got home quite late and so I only managed to meditate just before my bedtime, but it nonetheless went well. I also remembered to be mindful at different times during the day (though not, as I recall, when I was analyzing those stupid errors at work). Room for improvement, too, but it’s the journey that counts.

A good day.

Travel Day

Only worked in the morning today and used the afternoon to drive to my Mum’s place for the next week or so, where I’ll be doing home office. I’d already packed my clothes the night before and when I returned home, we had lunch (a quick one, pasta with pesto). Afterwards, my partner grabbed Curious Dog and took him for a quick walk, while I collected and packed up his toys, packed up any foodstuff that would go off if we left it behind, and loaded everything into the car. We always have such a lot of stuff:

  • 1 bag with my clothes
  • 1 office backpack with my office notebook and other stuff
  • 1 trolley for Mutti
  • 1 plastic box with dog food and other food
  • 1 bag with CD’s toys and towels
  • Assorted bits and pieces (shoes, handbags, whatever)

The packing is a bit of a pain, but I’ve got a lot more relaxed about it. That’s also a mindfulness thing.

Then shutting up the house: lowering the shutters on all the windows on the ground floor and turning off the water at the main tap. And then it’s into the car and off to the Autobahn.

It’s the season for construction work on the Autobahn and there’s a huge construction site just a few kms along the way, but there’s no good way around it. It always has huge traffic jams for lorries, but for cars it’s usually ok. Today there was more traffic than the last few times, and there was another temporary construction site after the first one, so we took longer than usually on the Autobahn. After the Autobahn, there’s still a long stretch of Bavarian country roads, also with lots of lorries on weekdays. And we had to divert around another construction site just before we arrived home. The trip took more than three hours (usually it’s slightly quicker), but we arrived safely and that’s all that counts.

The partner also drove off to his ancestral home and reached it safely, so that’s fine, too.

Curious Dog was great in the car but excited before and after (lots of barking). Before we leave, he’s anxious to hop into the car, and after we arrive he’s anxious to hop out. But in between he’s very good (and luckily doesn’t get carsick).

Home Office Doings


Thirteen of them, arbitrarily reported:

  1. Cooked breakfast in the morning: porridge made from rolled oats soaked overnight in soy milk. Ate it with bits of apple, raisins, almonds, cinnamon and a dash of sugar. Yum! Shared the leftovers with Curious Dog (sans all the toppings, although he did get some apple slices). For some weird reason, he loves plain porridge and always get a small share.
  2. Checked my work mails and answered a technical question from a colleague in China.
  3. Took CD for his morning walk. It had snowed snow pellets early in the morning and the tarmac was quite slippery with it. Almost sat on my tail a few times!
  4. Took Mutti to sign her name to the current Bavarian petition to “save the bees” (which I couldn’t sign up for because I don’t have my main address in Bavaria, too bad). It passed!!
  5. Returned to work in my home office and worked until Lunch.
  6. Had Lunch (made by Mutti, as she always cooks when we are in Bavaria): and took CD for his short midday walk.
  7. Had a virtual meeting with a colleague to get started on a project.
  8. Took CD for his longer afternoon walk.
  9. Returned to work.
  10. Called my partner and we told each other about our doings (it’s a ritual when we are apart).
  11. Did my long meditation (45 minutes).
  12. Had dinner and hung out in front of the TV afterwards. But read instead of watching as nothing interesting was on. I was just keeping Mutti company. I’m reading Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James. It’s a fantasy heavily influenced by African mythology and set in a fantastic version of Ancient Africa (a nice change from all the Nordic fantasies). It’s very intense, with lots of gore and violence and I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, but it’s growing on me.
  13. Did my short meditation in bed. The trick is to stay awake, which didn’t work out too well this time.

Half the work week done!