Friday Tasks

This morning I went shopping early. Really early, shortly past 8 a.m., and without writing a list. I hope I didn’t forget anything. I had to go shopping straight after breakfast, because Curious Dog currently won’t go walking with my partner when I’m home, but he does need to go out after breakfast. He goes on his walks with my partner without any problem when I’m off at work or otherwise not at home, but when I’m home, he wants to go with me. It’s a pain. I love Curious Dog, but I don’t want to go for walks three times a day on the weekend. I get enough of that when I’m in Bavaria. CD’s been doing this since New Year’s Day. He was scared, poor guy, as usual, by the fireworks and just seemed to feel safer with me. I hope he gets over this stupid habit and starts going out with my partner again as he used to. At the moment, when I want to stay at home, I go outside, hide in the car, and wait till CD and my partner have disappeared around the corner. Then I get back into the house. It’s a little ridiculous.

But I have to go grocery shopping on Fridays anyway, and if I go early, I get back home early. It’s nice to be done with the groceries at 10 a.m. and still have half the morning free for other things.

Today my partner made patties out of cooked brown rice, mashed potatoes, breadcrumbs, seasoning, and herbs. They were fried in peanut oil and I made a vegetable curry to go with them. Very nice – much tastier that I thought they would be. A good alternative for potato dumplings. We like trying out new dishes on the weekends.

Otherwise I hung around and read a bit, walked Curious Dog at lunch and in the afternoon (a nice long walk in the sunshine) and planned the housework I need to do tomorrow. It’s dire, lots of dog hair to be vacuumed, bathroom and kitchen to be cleaned. Ever since we got Curious Dog, I’ve had to ramp up my cleaning. Dogs do create a lot of dirt. The entry hall is the worst, especially when it’s wet and muddy outside. Dog hairs get absolutely everywhere. But I don’t mind much, CD is the best.

Tonight, we going to watch the next episode of Picard on Amazon Prime. I’m liking it, but it’s quite different from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We are also watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on DVD. We’re somewhere in the middle of season four and taking a longish time to get through the season, because there’s so much other stuff to watch that we don’t get around to watching our collections on DVD all that often.