Monday Misc

Watched a very good Tatort last night: Murot und das Murmeltier (Murot and the Groundhog) It’s a pastiche of Groundhog Day. The Tatort is a German TV classic that airs on Sunday evening prime time on public TV. It features various Police detectives in various German towns (or towns where German is spoken) solving fictional crimes. Some episodes are boring, but other are creative and good. The Tatort from Wiesbaden tends to be experimental and in this case was about a bank robbery with a hostage situation. The detective Felix Murot (played by Ulrich Tukur) is caught in a repeating time loop and must figure out how to get out of the loop. Poor Murot kept getting killed, day after day. It was funny and grotesque. I also like the Tatorte set in Vienna, Münster, and Dortmund, but the one in Munich is also usually good.

What I did and didn’t do today:

  1. Went to work. Did the usual, including some boring meetings.
  2. Had one good meeting with my co-workers on our new project. It’s getting on well. The structure proposal for our document was approved by the expert and we know what we have to do this week to get ahead.
  3. Didn’t call the dentist.
  4. Didn’t call the plumber.

Will need to call the dentist tomorrow. Today one of my colleagues was already in the office when I arrived, and I didn’t want to air my dental woes in their hearing. I need to have two wisdom teeth extracted and need to find an oral surgeon. My dentist gave me a referral, but that’s not going to work for various reasons, so I need to phone about getting another one.

I’m fed up with calling the plumber. They are never in and never return my calls. It’s a never-ending story. In November, on a Sunday night no less, after the Tatort, I found that my main tap had sprung a leak – luckily the flooding was only minor, but I had to call emergency services to get it provisionally repaired. Basically, they used a huge pair of pliers to squeeze it shut in such a way that it stopped flooding but still lets water through. The next day, the plumber came and checked what needs to be done. They needed to get a spare part – after that, I never heard back from them and it’s now February. Sigh. I’ll call tomorrow (again).

Sigh. I hope I do call someone tomorrow. I hate calling.