Weird Dreams

This morning I woke up straight out of a dream, a very weird one about house-hunting. In it, I met up with an estate agent who took me to see an apartment. It was a very big one, with lots of bathrooms (one with a shallow tub the size of a double bed, one with an extra deep tub, dark green). There was lots of marble and the apartment was totally open plan and all on one level. The odd thing was that the biggest main room turned into the shop of a car dealer’s, with just a different floor pattern to mark where the apartment ended, and the shop began. Very weird.

Then the estate agent told me a cat came with the apartment, and I told her that wasn’t a good idea since we had a dog. And then, she took me out to lunch with the landladies, who were two older American women who wanted me to sign the lease straight away. It was €2400 per month without utilities. Much too expensive for me, of course. First, I prevaricated, saying that I needed a night to think on it, but in the end, I told them that it was too expensive and that nobody wanted to share their living quarters with a car dealership. That’s when I woke up. How odd!

Maybe it was a kind of flashback to when I was house-hunting last year, except that I never had dealings with an estate agent (much too expensive). All the houses I viewed I found online and dealt with the landlords or ladies directly. And I anyway only looked at two, the second one is the house we’re living in now.

I didn’t do much else except that I took Curious Dog for his three daily walks and that I baked a few oat cookies. They turned out ok, but could have done with some chocolate chips, which I didn’t have. Did a bit of reading, and meditating, and talking on the phone with my partner.