Choices, Choices

Since we’re almost done with War and Peace, my friend and I are considering which work of literature we want to take as our reading project for next year. We like to take one that’s long, which we divide up into ten section or so and then read throughout the year and keep on discussing it. Previously we’ve done Clarissa by Samuel Richardson. It was an amazing read. Reading slowly and discussing what we’ve read make the works stick in our memory more than usual. At the moment, we’re thinking of reading either the Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio (prompted by Corona) or The Tale of Genji, by Murasaki Shikibu. If we decide on the Decameron, I will probably read Genji anyway, as it’s on my TBR-pile and I’m really keen. But then, I’m also keen on Decameron. We’ll see.

Last night we watched the fourth and last part of the 1966 German TV version of Treasure Island. Not bad, but I will have to read the book again (I think I last read it as a child) to see if Jim Hawkins was as much of an idiot in the book as he was portrayed in the series. Not sure when I will get around to that, though.

This morning, while walking with Curious Dog, we tried to find a path through the woods that we haven’t taken for a long while. We couldn’t find it. So, we ended up taking a longer walk than planned and I was almost late for a call. It was nice outside. Warm in the sun and cool in the woods. We also passed by the nearby cattle field on the way back and were gawked at by a few young calves, who were frolicking in the sunshine. It was cute, but Curious Dog was not amused. He thinks cows are scary.

Work was full of meetings, but although I couldn’t block time for my tasks, I still made progress in between meetings (and during the boring ones) because I didn’t want to end the day without having reviewed at least one of my documents. I’m on a roll, it’s going great. Probably because I am increasingly motivated to get everything done in time for my vacation and I don’t want to have heaps to do in the last few days before it starts.

I booked an appointment to get my winter tires on the car before the vacation. I don’t like traveling with summer tires in October. What if there’s an early onset of winter while we are on the Baltic coast? That’s quite a few hundred kilometers north of here and it would be awful if we had to drive on summer tires in icy conditions. We always go on vacation to the Baltic or the North Sea in October and so far we’ve never had early winter weather, but you never know and I bet it would happen if I didn’t get the winter tires fitted.

Tomorrow, I’m just working in the morning, as in the afternoon Mum, I, and Curious Dog are off to Bavaria. Partner, as usual is off to North Rhine-Westfalia. I still have to do all my and Curious Dog’s packing (his toys, harness and leashes and food), as well as packing up the groceries that we will be taking along (some stuff that would otherwise go off). Hope we have light traffic and no traffic jams on the Autobahn, but the school holiday time is over (mostly) and therefore traffic should be normal (unless there’s an accident or something).

The weather is supposed to be good next week, so maybe I can get some stuff done in the garden and get ahead with patching the broken bit of plaster on the old garage. I haven’t done anything on that this year and I’m pretty sure I won’t get done with it. I’m such a lazy and unskilled plasterer.

As I’m not working tomorrow afternoon, I will be working on Friday morning instead. So, tomorrow is not my last day of work for the week. I shall have to get up early on Friday, no sleeping in. But it’s great to be able to arrange my working hours in such a flexible way, so I shall refrain from complaining.

Keep safe, world.

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