Long Weekend

It was the last long weekend of the year (at least, one due to a public holiday, I guess I can still take a day off for a personal long weekend). Corpus Christi last Thursday. The weather wasn’t very good throughout. Very overcast, occasional rain, cool temperatures, humid. But good for going for long walks with Curious Dog and I definitively prefer cool wet weather to hot baking weather.

Apart from going on walks with Curious Dog I used the weekend to do some:

  • Cooking and baking
  • Reading
  • Watching movies with Partner
  • Cleaning
  • Meditating – although not as much as I had meant to.

The usual stuff, but more relaxed as there was more time for everything.

Regarding cooking and baking, I did the cooking and Partner did the baking. We had a mushroom stew with carrots and kidney beans in a beer sauce with dumplings on Thursday and the leftovers on Friday. Saturday we didn’t cook and had Singhalese take-away instead: carrot fritters with a yoghurt dip. On Sunday I made a huge pasta salad with peas, capers and fried smoked tofu which we had for both lunch and dinner.

Partner baked a vegan cheesecake for Thursday and Friday and a fantastic vegan tiramisu with strawberries that we had on Saturday and Sunday. Today, we had a simple but nice nut cake for our afternoon coffee break, to sweeten our workday.

I caught up on my reading goals by finishing up Little Dorrit, which I really enjoyed. I also continued with poems from the New Oxford Book of English Verse and read a few of Flannery O’Connor’s short stories (which I still find quite weird and depressing). According to Wikipedia, it’s supposed to be (American) Southern Gothic with grotesque characters – I can sure confirm the grotesque part of the description. Guess that’s not going to be my favourite genre. Still, they are kind of fascinating and I will finish the collection, but I’m probably not going to choose to read a novel by O’Connor anytime soon.

We watched some films and documentaries of TV. What stuck in my mind was “Der Tag wird kommen” (“The Day Will Come”) the latest episode of the Polizeiruf 110 series, which is a police detective series that was the East German counterpart of the West German Tatort series (also a police detective show). The series were continued after the German reunification. Sunday’s episode was about a suicide disguised as a murder in order to cash in on life insurance and also about the manipulation of the police detectives by a criminal they’d put into prison in previous parts of the series. Not bad. We also watched Knives Out with Daniel Craig and loved it. Very nice homage to Agatha Christie and quite funny, too. Additionally, we watched the three-part episodes Stories vs. Reality on the youtube channel Like Stories of Old. This channel is great. It explains philosophical ideas behind movies and these three videos examined the role that hero tales play in our lives. Makes me want to read Simone de Beauvoir The Second Sex and Joseph Campbell The Hero with a Thousand Faces, although I haven’t got time at the moment. They go on my to-read list (which, unfortunately, is always growing never shrinking).

Housecleaning and washing clothes were also on the agenda. But I didn’t overdo it.

I even took a shopping trip to a dog food store a couple of towns over. Last time I went was at the beginning of the Corona lockdown. It was a nice drive – almost my usual commute that I’ve not been doing for month now and will not be doing probably until the end of the year. And I’m sure in future it will be easy to do home office.

Shockingly and sadly, the weekend was overshadowed by yet another murder of a black man by police. Rayshard Brooks, shot in the back! BLACK LIVES MATTER – we must overcome rascism and police brutality, in the US as in Europe, and the rest of the world.

Keep safe, world.


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