Tuesday Tidbits

The day started off on a positive note. I managed to solve a visual puzzle, where you had to move a certain number of elements to make a different picture. This came up in a book I’m reading about learning called A Mind for Numbers, by Barbara Oakley. Now I consider myself not to have a mind for maths, but maybe I can turn this feeling around (which is a self-fulfilling prophecy and therefore limiting). Or maybe I can use the strategies in this book for other things to learn – I’m always interested in how learning works and like reading about it. This book seems interesting, but I’ve only at the beginning, so can’t say yet how it will turn out.

Another positive thing was that the colleagues at work had heeded my emails about error fixes so that the errors in our documents actually dropped by half overnight. I’ve received feedback that the colleagues are working on the remaining ones. Hopefully by tomorrow no errors or just a couple will be left.

I did a lot off additional quality checks early this morning, before I took off for the Tuesday morning shopping trip. I bought a lot of produce and some other groceries, so we should be set until next Tuesday (with maybe just a short trip to the bakers’ in between). Very efficient. I think I actually spend less time (at least marginally) shopping now that I do a huge trip once a week instead of many smaller trips.

My work notebook is still not installing updates as it ought. I’ve tried heaps of things, the support colleague I had a couple of meetings with tried a lot of things, nothing worked. Now I’ve got some cryptic instructions again from anther support colleague that I can’t make out. I’ve set up a meeting for Thursday with the original colleague to have another look at it. I think I reported the issue at the beginning of June. Now it’s a month later and the problem persists. Wonder if it’ll get solved on Thursday. I’ve got tons of other things to do on Thursday, so I hope the stuff that we’ll be trying won’t make things worse. The notebook is after all running smoothly otherwise. It would be a shame to have to get a new one if this update problem can’t be fixed.

The puppy next door grew a good bit during the ten days we were away. He still likes to bark at Curious Dog and I’m still trying to get them accustomed to each other. CD doesn’t seem to be particularly interested, but he does like to bark back at the puppy. It funny, the puppy is cheeky, but also kind of scared. His barking is almost a kind of howling, very unpleasant. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it. Otherwise he’s very cute.

We had our first watermelon of the summer today. They’ve been available in stores for longer, but somehow, I didn’t feel like having any. But today I did, and it was delicious. Curious Dog really liked his share as well.

The government is actually planning laws to improve the situation of workers in the meat processing industry. The nasty conditions have been known for a long time, but Corona has really shone a spotlight on the situation. Of course, now there’s pushback from the industry, but in effect it seems that improvements have to be done by the beginning of 2021. I hope this will also have positive repercussions in other industries — in logistics management, for example. Meaning Amazon. All those workers packing and delivering parcels could do with higher pay and better conditions. Maybe this will make online shopping more expensive, but it would be fairer. We also need improvements in Europe for migrant workers in agriculture, but I haven’t heard that anything is planned for those workers. The prices for some produce have risen quite a bit, but I don’t know if that will translate to better wages and conditions for workers.

2020_06_30Keep safe, world.

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