Wednesday Waffling

Last week on Thursday we drove to our place in Bavaria once again. We had sunshine followed by sleet, followed by sunshine, followed by snow pellets, followed by snowfall… all the way. The roads were clear, because the snow melted straight away, but my car got very dirty and muddy. No snow when we arrived but it snowed again on Friday and we had about 4cm of soggy snow. Most of it melted away during the day, but I still got a quite nice walk in the snow with Curious Dog. It’s been quite some time since we’ve had snow in the middle of March. Over the weekend it was mostly overcast but today it’s all lovely sunshine (and frost in the morning). All in all, quite nice weather for walking. Lots of birds warbling and cheeping in the fields and woods, welcoming spring.


I took last Thursday off. Usually when we drive to Bavaria, I take Thursday afternoon or morning off, and work instead on Friday morning so that I don’t have to use up a precious vacation day for the trip. This time my mother had her second Corona vaccination appointment on Friday afternoon, so I wanted to go grocery shopping on Friday morning. No time for work on Friday, so Thursday had to be a vacation day. It all worked very well. At the vaccination centre, there was a computer outage and all the people with their first appointments were sent back home without getting their jab, because their data couldn’t be accessed, but luckily they didn’t do that with the people that had their second appointment. So Mum was duly vaccinated. She had similar side effects as last time for a few days, a bit of general weakness, a bit of a headache, itching and soreness at the site of the injection, some joint pain. But most of that is gone now. She’s got to be careful for the next few days until her immune system has recovered from the vaccination and then she will be safe from Corona. I’m so happy about that.


I’m currently very busy at work. The additional project that I took on recently has really made an impact on my workload and I haven’t come up with a good organization yet to mitigate the stress. It feels as if I’m jumping from one task to the next with my task list getting longer all the time. Not very motivating. As a result, I’ve been quite tired and not up to blogging or reading anything that’s just the least bit challenging. I haven’t been keeping up with my Samuel Johnson collection or with my short stories at night. Only poetry in the morning is still going strong. Mostly I’ve been reading mysteries and going to bed early. I’ve also ramped up my meditation, as otherwise I find myself thinking about work all the time, which is super annoying. I’m firmly of the opinion that work concerns should not take up my thoughts outside of work hours. I need my brain for other things in my free time. I hope to get a proper reset with Easter. I’ve strongly resolved to set up an efficient work plan before Easter and then stick to it after Easter. Hopefully, four days off over Easter will be a nice mini-vacation and recharging opportunity.

I’m teaching Curious Dog to wear a muzzle. He’s going to need it if we use public transport on our vacation in October. Still lots of time. I’m going slowly, he’s only worn it for about a minute so far. Poor guy, he doesn’t like it. Who would? Maybe I should try it on in the woods and see how he does with it for a short time on our walk. Or at night in the house when he’s tired and usually cooperative.

Last Saturday, Mum was watching a show on TV where a 10-year-old gifted boy and an actress who had trained for six weeks managed to memorize the random sorting of three packs of playing cards (156 cards) in quite a short time. Both of them only misremembered two cards of the 156. Amazing! Last year I had the goal to learn 12 poems off by heart, one for each months of the year, but I only managed one measly poem. So, this year, from the start I decided to only learn one poem (with the aim of an easy goal maybe inciting me to learn more than one). That feat of memory shown on TV has motivated me to get started with the poems. Last year I learnt “On His Blindness” (and still know it off by heart – I have to keep at it, otherwise I forget it again). The second poem will be one by Emily Dickinson.

Keep safe, world.

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